The aim of the expedition is to explore the unspoiled nature and observing the local flora and fauna on all continents. We know, that nowadays such places are unfortunately seldom. We want to learn to get by with the things, which are available seasonally and geographically.

Own observations in the context of philosophical reflection regarding a globalized, consumer-oriented society and its system of values are also of our interest. To understand other ways of life we certainly need to re-evaluate many points of view. A challenge, because we're grown up in this society and we spent half of our lives in it.

In addition we are trying to support smaller local animal welfare projects on each continent we are going to travel.

Almost all major animal welfare programs do hold a giant administrative organization in the background which consumes the majority of the donations.

We also strongly disagree with the concept of Western organizations invading so-called developing countries, imposing their agenda on the local population, despite the well-meant attitude and intended purpose behind it.

We believe it is much more reasonable to support all local organization in any possible way, financially as well as hands-on management if necessary.

Only if the local people are committed to their own project you’ll see success, for example a steady improvement of living conditions for wildlife.

Pericles could not have expressed better our motivation for this expedition:

The secret of happiness is freedom,
the secret of freedom is the courage

To realize our project we decided to completely give up our civic lives because we are all about freedom from responsibilities and obligations from the past. No house or apartment, where damages may occur (e.g. a water damage) and which may force us to interrupt, no employer who asks us, when we will be back again, etc.

The courage to do this was our first step into a new life in freedom.