VitaVortex in Munich provided us with their Vitalizing Showerheads (4spin Active and Relax 7spin Ceramic), and the Water Whirls (Active Vita and Vita Balance). From our point of view, the Vitalizing Showerheads and Water Whirls are an absolute "must" in each expedition vehicle.

Especially the water, which can often be drunken only with difficulty, especially if – like us – drinking grumpys are in the game, now gets a taste and it is a really a delicous one. Suddenly it is very easy to drink the necessary amount of water. The phenomenal sparkling of the shower heads save a lot of water at the same time, it’s simply incredible. Therefore they should be installed in every caravan or expedition truck.

We will report about the use, when we are on our way ...

Thank you for the sponsorship.