Mercedes Benz ... Our "Zeti" ... what shall we write about it?

Of course we didn't got the Zetros "sponsored", but thanks to the branch office in Munich and to the Customer Centre in Woerth, we were able to realize our dream chassis in reality, as we could buy the truck at dream conditions.

In our point of view, the truck was designed for us because even while we were mulling over buying an ancient Magirus Deutz Hauber (cab behind engine), or an equally old Mercedes round Hauber, which seemed to fit best for our demands, we found the Zetros in the web. And all of a sudden all of the disadvantages of the old models were a has been. For more on this we will write several thoughts later, when we are on the way.

Well, we were lost the moment we set eyes on it, there was no other chassis any more, we only had eyes for the Zetros.

The actual co-operation with MB starts with our journey. We will have individual collaborations with the foreign companies. More information coming soon.